There are a number of sites and places I have found while learning so I highly recommend you visit them as well to assist in troubleshooting.

Site Info
OpenStack Main OpenStack site
OpenStack Ocata Install Tutorial A great set of steps on how to install OpenStack manually
Ansible Docs Ansible documentation
Openstack Ansible Ansible scripts used to deploy OpenStack
OpenStackr Blog Great blog article which gave me the insight to use Openstack-Ansible

Useful Github Repos

Repo Link Info
openstack-lab-setup From the blog above, these are some scripts that the writer used to configure the network interfaces
openstack-ansible Openstack-ansible itself
Boxcutter ubuntu Packer scripts for Ubuntu setup
packer-templates Packer templates for all sort of Linux distros
packer-ubuntu-1604 Minimal packer example for Ubuntu 16.04
packer-baseboxes Had some great examples of HyperV builds
packer Packer